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Draft ’12: Cardinals’ Day First Picks

Posted by bosspresso 於 六月 5, 2012



(8) Michael Wacha, rhp, Texas A&M

After the consensus top three college pitchers (Stanford’s Mark Appel, Louisiana State’s Kevin Gausman, San Francisco’s Kyle Zimmer) go off the board, Wacha could be the next one selected. He owns the best changeup in the draft, a pitch that can be devastating when he sets it up with a 90-93 mph fastball that peaks at 96. His command also is as good as any pitcher in this crop, as is his competitiveness. He also has an athletic 6-foot-6, 200-pound frame and delivers his pitches on a tough angle to the plate. The only thing keeping him from being considered on the top tier of college arms is the lack of a plus breaking ball. Wacha made progress with a slider last summer under the tutelage of Team USA pitching coach Rob Walton, and he also throws a curveball. Wacha generally sticks with whichever breaking pitch is working best on a given day. Both pitches can get loose at times and project as no better than average at the big league level. Despite that one shortcoming, he still could find his way into the first 10 picks. He may not have the ceiling of Appel, Gausman or Zimmer, but Wacha has a higher floor.

高中版Zack Cox。很多方面看起來很好,控球好,變速球好,耐操。但他沒有變化球。這個問題就夠讓人頭大了,使他只會是個輪值後段先發。


(51) James Ramsey, of, Florida State

Scouts have called Ramsey the Tim Tebow of Florida State baseball, referring to his leadership, strong Christian faith and big-play ability, and Seminoles coaches don’t shrink from the comparison. The first player under 33-year head coach Mike Martin to wear a “C" on his uniform as team captain, Ramsey spurned the Twins as a 22nd-round pick last summer, turning down more than $500,000 from a club that wanted to shift him to second base. He has moved from right to center field as a senior and got off to a blistering start, and he was batting .401/.536/.731 to lead the Atlantic Coast Conference in all three categories. Scouts see Ramsey as much the same player he was last year, with average to above-average tools but no true plus tool. He’s an above-average runner who might be able to stick in center field, though some scouts question his instincts and doubt he could stick there in a larger home park. He has an average, accurate arm sufficient for right field. Ramsey has average power but may not have corner power. He’s a safe bet to be a big leaguer, with scouts split on just how much impact he’ll have. He has yet to play the infield, but another club might want to follow the Twins’ lead and try him at second in a Jason Kipnis redux.



(26) Stephen Piscotty, of/3b, Stanford

For the teams that value track record, Piscotty has been a consistent performer. He’s hit well all three years at Stanford, hit well in the Alaska League after his freshman year and led the Cape Cod League in batting last year. Piscotty has a strong frame at 6-foot-3 and 215 pounds. He has a soild, line-drive approach at the plate and projects as more of a doubles hitter than a home run threat. Piscotty’s bat profiles better at third base than it does in a corner outfield spot. But if he has to move there as a pro—which is likely, since he moved to the outfield midway through the season at Stanford to make room at third for freshman Alex Blandino—then it’s a tougher profile as a righthanded hitter with limited power potential. Piscotty has a strong arm and is a fringe-average runner and scouts like his makeup and work ethic.

Casey Blake類型。


(161) Patrick Wisdom, 3b, St. Mary’s

While most scouts like Wisdom’s defense and makeup, this spring has raised questions about how much he’ll hit. Scouts who believe in him point to his track record, which includes a .351/.423/.582 line last year and a league-leading seven home runs in the Alaska League last summer, when he was the league’s No. 2 prospect. They see a solid hitter with above-average power. This year, however, he was hitting just .254/.380/.435. Scouts who don’t believe in Wisdom don’t think he’ll have enough bat to profile at third base, where he’s a strong defender with above-average arm strength. He is an average runner who moves well for his size, and a great teammate with an outstanding work ethic. Wisdom played some catcher in high school, and a team may ask him to give that another shot.



(66) Steve Bean, c, Rockwall (Texas) HS

The University of Texas landed two of the top three high school catching prospects in its recruiting class, though neither Bean nor Wyatt Mathisen figures to arrive on campus. Bean has raised his profile as much as any prospect in Texas this spring, giving himself a chance to go in the top two rounds of the draft. His standout tool is an arm that grades as a 65 on the 20-80 scouting scale. He’s improving as a receiver and projects to develop solid skills in that regard. A 6-foot-2, 190-pounder, Bean offers offensive potential from the left side of the plate as well. He makes consistent contact and has the wiry strength to grow into decent power. While he’s a below-average runner, he’s athletic for a catcher and plays with a lot of energy.


要講紅雀今年第一天的選秀成果,先搭配Jeff Luhnow在太空人的選擇。太空人選了Carlos Correa、Lance McCullers。Correa的天花板加上現有表現,可以說是今年新秀中最好。McCullers比較麻煩,原本投球動作太差,不過調整後開始有轉先發的可能,stuff是本屆投手當中最好的一位,但是要求簽約金傳聞相當高。但Luhnow都選了這兩位高天花板球員。

相較之下,Kantz (或是說紅雀整個團隊)在前六十順位五支籤的情況下,沒有選任何一位具有明星潛力的球員。Wacha、Piscotty要是用來調配風險和潛力的平衡,會是很好的選擇。但他們的天花板已經是五個人當中最高的了… 選Wacha時,大學投手更成熟的Marcus Stroman、stuff更好的Chris Stratton都還在檯面上。Ramsey和Wisdom都是我想砸電腦螢幕的選擇。第23順位選擇車神類型球員? 第52順位選打擊比Zack Cox還爛的三壘手? 尤其是已經選了三壘手Piscotty之後又選個三壘手? 在Bean之前還有個德州高中捕手Wyatt Mathisen,打擊好更多、工具更好卻沒選?

紅雀第一天的選秀可以跟蒙特婁博覽會1990年的第一輪慘況比了。當年他們第一輪有六支籤,長最好的是Rondell White。我實在不懂,為什麼一定要選擇有問題的球員-沒變化球的投手,糙老沒特別工具的角落外野手,沒守備沒砲管的三壘手,沒棒子的三壘手,風險相當高、報酬不高的捕手。想壓縮預算可以理解,但這樣只能說是沒錢買真貨,也不精打細算,就去買瑕疵品…



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  1. 匿名 said


    p.s Wacha 有點像Lohse………其實他change up如果真的能長得不錯….那應該有前三號吧?????

  2. bosspresso said

    Shelby Miller是二號先發stuff。Wacha前三號的話,那是指跟Miller差不多等級。


  3. jason said



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